Christmas Movie Marathon

December 18, 2009

With less than a week left until Christmas and being married to a Christmas enthusiast, we have entered that final sprint where all the traditional favorite movies must be watched before the 25th.

Thus far having begun on Thanksgiving (I can’t even remember when the Christmas music began! Lol!), here are the titles we’ve already watched (or conquered, depending on your perspective):

  • You’ve Got Mail (I know its not only Christmasy–that just demonstrates the nature of our plight)
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Miracle on 34th Street (the original version)
  • Muppet Christmas Carol

Still to come?

  • White Christmas
  • The Grinch (both versions)
  • Home Alone 1 and 2
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • The Santa Clause

Wow.  That list is a lot longer than I was thinking it would be, however there are a number of movies I’m thankful (and praying) we will not be watching:

  • Jingle All the Way
  • The Santa Clause 2 and 3
  • Home Alone 3

Any more we should add to our list?


5 Responses to “Christmas Movie Marathon”

  1. Gregg Says:

    You are missing some classics:
    A Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out!)
    Christmas Vacation
    & Die Hard (It’s Christmasy just as much as You Got Mail, but better on so many levels)

  2. karen osgood Says:

    Oh Kate, how could you forget “A Christmas Carol” 1951 with Alistair Sim. We also just saw a brand new Christmas cartoon by Disney called “Prep and Landing”, it was really cute. Dad’s going to try to send you a link.

    So far I’ve seen:
    A Christmas Carol
    Muppet Christmas Carol
    White Christmas
    Miracle on 34th St.

    Well Joey, are you seeing a connection here? I wish I could be there to watch them with you but next year we’ll have a Christmas movie marathon !!!!

  3. Terra Says:

    Wish I could watch some more with you two. What about “An Affair To Remember”? I believe they meet up in the end during Christmas time. Just sayin. Have you ever seen that?

  4. Gregg Says:

    I just remembered one more worth watching: Joyeux Noel

  5. […] I’m certain this time of year will lead us to resurrect our old Christmas movies list and lead to Christmas Movie Marathon 2010, I’m also aware of other rhythms this time of year […]

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