Anniversary Number Three!

January 7, 2010

January 6, 2007

Yesterday Kate and I went in to Amsterdam to celebrate our third anniversary.  Wow how the time has flown!  (I’m beginning to grasp how the one two punch of new year’s and wedding anniversary is tipping my January’s toward reflection :)).  Without summing it up here, I think this last year has been one of the best year’s I’ve ever had.  Not only has it been an amazing year spiritually, but the year’s events and this year’s coming events (*cough baby girl cough*) have drawn us together in beautiful ways.  Sounds funny, but I’m beginning to understand my older married friends “I couldn’t live without you” statements as I never used to.

A huge thank you to all of you who wished us a happy anniversary on Facebook, Twitter and email!  We felt so loved!

As this new year, month and week slow down (something I’m hoping they do fairly soon…), I should be getting back to posting happenings a little more regularly.  There are exciting things afoot that I’m looking forward to sharing with you!  Soon…


January 6, 2010


One Response to “Anniversary Number Three!”

  1. Terra Wulf-Stanton Says:

    I love this picture of Kate!! So beautiful. : )

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