“Start Smoking”–Mystery Solved!

January 10, 2010

Perhaps you remember an earlier edition of “What is it?” on this blog where I posted this picture:

While my first thought on seeing this giant full-page ad was, “How are suits and smoking related?  What a crazy ad!”  Well, Friday, I showed Stan this ad after smelling a cigar for the first time (reminded me of the animal section of the state fair–cows anyone?) and he added the missing link.  Apparently, in Dutch “smoking” = tuxedo!  Weird as it is, “James Bond wears a smoking.”  On the other hand, and just by the way, cigarette packages here say (in bold letters), “Smoking is deadly” and “May lead to a slow, painful death”!  (Dutch bluntness?)

Mystery solved!


One Response to ““Start Smoking”–Mystery Solved!”

  1. Zilka Says:

    …never would have thought on putting smoking thing together.. thats clever!

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