New Camera!

January 21, 2010

Our new camera finally arrived this morning and its already going to good use!  I (Joey) am hoping this camera (a Canon 30D–thanks for the recommendation Sheldon!) will give us good family pictures for a long time, help capture our world better than our old Nikon point and shoot.  Tomorrow I’ll be starting a 365 project where I take and post a picture a day–and I shouldn’t have any trouble finding good shots given the people I live with (including the soon to join us addition)!

So, having not even journey out of manual mode (something I’m set on doing), here are a couple with the new camera:

Jude meets the new Camera 2


2 Responses to “New Camera!”

  1. Win Says:

    Somehow I’m not surprised Sheldon recommended the 30D… great camera.
    I look forward to seeing pictures of your new family member, bro.
    Ya haven’t gotten back to me after I facebook-responded to your voicemail on my phone. Lemme know when you’re available to chat!

  2. Sheldon Says:

    Congrats on the new camera! Looks like you are already putting it to good use, Jude is getting so big. We are still praying for you regularly, hope all is well!

    – Sheldon & Jamie

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