January 22, 2010

Yesterday, with the celebration of Cross Culture’s three-year anniversary, I mentioned some new things that have been percolating in new areas around Holland, and now I’m finally ready to share them with you.

About a year ago I began to notice how Cross Culture’s members came from a pretty spread out group.  North, south, east and west; there were people coming from all around.  Some of them traveling more than an hour and a half to join us for Sunday morning services!  Amid the spread however, there was one pocket of people to the east that caught my attention.

On any given week we would see anywhere from two to nine people, from three families living in and around Utrecht (three of whom are kids :)) trekking out to join us.  Following a leadership conference in Siegen Germany, two of these families committed to meeting together to pray for their areas.

Beginning this Sunday our friend Tom and I will begin journeying to Ede or Amersfoort (where these two families live) three times a month to encourage the fellowship of believers in these places.  Two weeks out of the month Tom and I will be meeting with two men in the area to stir each other’s growth in Christ (alternating between Utrecht and Hoofddorp area), while the other two weeks will be spent meeting for prayer, study and supporting each other as the church called out on mission together (I’m hoping to blog more on this later).

Pray for this new endeavor!  We have much to learn and work out as we move along.  I’m sure our times together will have about as many varied expectations as we have people in the room.  We’ll be navigating quite the minefield I’m sure, but great things lie in store on the other side!

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