Coming Home

January 27, 2010

How do I start and where should I begin?  First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern for us and committment to pray for us!

No doubt many of you have heard by now that Kate, Jude, baby girl and I will be leaving Holland in the next week (probably Wednesday).  If its a shock to you, perhaps it is good for you to know you are not alone in that sentiment; our church’s board informed us of our dismissal only 48 hours ago.

The short story–in a very long story of both many ups and downs, twists and turns–is that Monday evening the leadership of Cross Culture (the church we’ve been serving) has expressed their satisfaction with the job we were invited here to do.  Specifically the task we were charged with included freeing the lead pastor up and raising up a new youth pastor.

Over the course of the last fifteen months I have been able to assist the lead pastor here in handful of ways, from leading the youth and teaching on Sundays and during the week, to working with him to c0-create the current expression of our church’s mission and means for engaging that mission (displayed in the church’s mid-week meeting area).

On the other side, though we have perhaps had less time than we’d have liked to disciple the youth leader who will taking our place, we are very excited to see how the Lord will work through him.  God is just beginning to do some exciting things here in Holland (see here and here), and I hope you will join me praying for the growth and continuation of these new ways in which Christ is being named where he has not been so before!

Looking Back

Looking back this year has been as much about learning as it has been about ministering.  Personally I feel my love for and relationship with Jesus has deepened as he has lifted our eyes from the what of his church’s doing (Acts 2:42-47) to the why (Acts 1:8).  He is the God who sends, and because he has come himself, I know that he is also going before us now.

Looking Forward

So where is he going before us?  To be completely honest, I’m not sure.  Of course our primary focus right now, aside from packing, is in looking forward to the arrival of baby girl in early March.  Beyond This we’re not really sure where the Lord is leading us.  You can be sure we will keep you posted as things become clear and the Lord paves the way forward–whether that path leads us to Vancouver or beyond.

Again, a huge thank you to those who have so faithfully supported us through email, Skype or Facebook, or in prayer or finances this past year!  You have carried us many times!

As to specifics, the four of us plan on leaving Holland in seven days–just two days before Kate is no longer allowed to fly!

Lastly, for those of you who know the Youngers, keep an eye on their blog or Facebook accounts for more information on their plans to return to Vancouver. (also, a huge thank you to Nathan and Anna for taking care of things here so that Kate, Jude and I are able to return all together!)


11 Responses to “Coming Home”

  1. andré de haan Says:

    heey guy’s,

    I’m going to miss you soo much you know.
    I had a great time with all of you this year.
    I’v learnd a lot from you.
    and maybe you have learnd something from me to….

    but Il mis you already, and god bless you so much in what youre gonna do next after youre gone.

    I hope you will get a healhty baby and god bless you.

    andré de haan

  2. Janet Koenig Says:

    Joey and Kate,
    We all know that the Lord never closes a door without opening another. We will be standing with you in prayer, looking forward to that time when He reveals the next course of your journey with Him. Love you all and looking forward to seeing you again!

  3. Jill and John Evans Says:

    We are praying, the blog helped me understand more of the “why?” God has plans for you all, that is clear. We look forward to seeing where He leads you next. You’ve got some very excited family here! Safe travels,
    Jill and John

  4. joewulf Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. We are sure the Lord is in control and will lead us. Please pray for wisdom to continue following him and taking the necessary steps. Thanks for your support!

  5. Tim and Jenny Says:

    Hey guys,
    Sad that this amazing chapter is closing for you, but waiting in anticipation to see where He is leading..! Can’t wait to hear in-person about the beautiful things He’s doing over there. Praying for His hand to lead you through every step of this stage. Praying for you and baby girl through the flight and transition, Kate. Can’t wait to see you all 🙂
    Love, The Sites

  6. Romeo, Tati en Rocheyna Says:

    My dear friends,

    I couldn’t sleep after hearing such a terrible news, but like you said we will see where and what God will lead you as a family from here!

    My brother i have no words 2 say. God bless.

  7. andre Says:

    Dear family,

    We are very sad to hear you are leaving. But we know Gods ways are higher than ours. He will lead you in the way to go. God bless you.

    Groeten, Andre, Stella, Saranna and Aviela

  8. Thomas Says:

    Hey guys,

    It was an awesome time the past two years. I learned a lot and enjoyed your presence, in hanging out together, doing stuff together and of course, building up our friendship. Know that we love you for what you ( & Kate and of course the Youngers) have done, to help us to build up the Calvary Chapel here in Hoofddorp. And if you look at the greater picture, building and expanding Gods Kingdom with us.

    And i know that God has new plans for you and that He may show that to you!

    I (and we) love you,

  9. Jeff and Shirley Schlechter Says:

    Well, we are shocked and we will be praying for you all. Looking forward so seeing you after you settle in back home.

  10. mom Says:

    Add this beautiful chorus of voices to those of that great cloud of witnesses cheering you from the heavenlies-there is a lot of love being expressed here!
    Running with endurance the race set before us finds new meaning when your end is reached. We join you in fixing our eyes on Jesus.

  11. Heidi Says:

    We are sad for how things have gone down for you regarding your quick departure, but excited for what God has in store for your future.

    You’re an amazing family – and VanWa is blessed to have you back home again.

    Much love from Battle Ground 😀
    Jay & Heidi St. John

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