Verge Conference 2010

February 4, 2010

Today through the sixth Verge: Missional Community Conference will be going on in Austin, Texas, featuring some great speakers aiming to “give you the tools to build gospel movements wherever you are.”  I’ll be putting links up later for those of you who are interested in listening to the session recordings that come out of the conference.  I’m looking forward to hearing from Alan Hirsch, Ed Stetzer, Jeff Vanderstelt and perhaps stumbling on to a few more thinkers/speakers.

If you’d like some preview of things to come check out the interviews of the speakers at


2 Responses to “Verge Conference 2010”

  1. shey Says:

    hi joey,
    just want to shair with you because i know you will love it. I am at the VU spending time with paul during his breaks till he is done. Reading my bible the one u gave to us( by the way love it). Suddenly a man comes up to me while i’m waiting on the next break of paul, he starts talking about jesus and sharing his story with me. He wanted to engourage me as an theologen and practizicing catholic to keep reading the word because it’s truth is vanishing here at the vu. He thought i was a student theology. So i wanted to bring this across the ocean as you have been pouring in our students. We miss you so much espessialy on these days.
    In Christ shey

  2. joewulf Says:

    Thanks for the great story Shey! It is so amazing how simply reading your Bible in public can be the first step to opening doors like that, especially when your motivation is that we go because Jesus went! I love it! We need more of that in the church, more doing our life in Jesus out among those who have yet to taste of it! Thanks for sharing Shey!

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