Get Together Coming Soon!

February 16, 2010

Anyone who would like to reconnect and hear more about Kate and my last year in Holland: listen up!  We’re still working out the specifics, but we are hoping to get together next week (likely Thursday) with our Senders and anyone else who’d like to hear more!

We’re excited to spend time with so many people we’ve missed these last 15 months!  Hopefully next time you visit we’ll  have a date to see you all!


2 Responses to “Get Together Coming Soon!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I’ll be there! 😉

    Oh no, there’s a big like in between.. ;-(

    • joewulf Says:

      You had me excited there for a minute Thomas! Curse that big lake! You’ll have to come this Summer if Casper does actually end up coming. 🙂 Love to see you over here!

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