Quotes and Videos…

March 8, 2010

Just a couple of great quotes, videos to pass on to you that have stoked my thoughts these last couple whirlwind days.

Genesis 1-3: This N.T. Wright video on Genesis 1-3 was originally spotted at belief.net in a short article by Scott McKnight.  Both are great, but here at least is the video for those who don’t follow the link over:

Facebook: Jonathan Dodson over at Creation Project highlighted research on how the United States is connected through Facebook (pretty map included!) that I thought some of you would find interesting.

Preaching in the Missional Church: Len Hjalmarson over at Nextreformation.com pulled these quotes from a preaching.org article by Erwin Stutzman I found pretty interesting on the subject of preaching in the missional church:

1. “We own our cultural-ness, our own culture.” We join with our secular neighbors in living within the particularities of the American culture.
2. “We have the habit of continuous conversion.”
3. “We are a living demonstration of the gospel.” More than rational proof, secularized people want to see whether it is possible to live by the mandates of Christian discipleship.
4. “We structure our lives around being a sent community instead of a vendor of services.” For many churches, this involves a fundamental shift in identity, pastoral leadership habits, community formation, and orientation to the church’s mission…

Some really good stuff (even if it is hardly functional these days)!


2 Responses to “Quotes and Videos…”

  1. Shey Says:

    Hi joey,
    First of all congratz with your little princes. Send my love to the family. I wanted to share something with you, what crossed my mind after reading this post.Yesterday I was at a water polo match talking with the girlfriend of one of the teammates of paul. And she new we were getting married and that we are believers in Jesus. Than she said something interesting what probably could come across rather offending, but i didn’t take it that way. She said: “even though you two are believers you are not really that different”. I really love the idea that Jesus isn’t far from her and that we can live out this fact.

    love in Christ
    Paul & Shey

    • joewulf Says:

      Awesome Shey! I love it! Jesus is near and she can see him in your relationship–that is so right, isn’t it? It sums up so much of what Jesus’ coming as a man means for us!
      Miss you guys!

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