Looking Forward–Prayer Requests

March 22, 2010

“How are you?” may be the question you ask, it may even be the question you mean, yet, somehow I invariably hear “What’s next?”  It’s the constant companion through the events of the day, the question to which my thoughts wander in the dim night hours I spend with Ellie.  Incidentally, it is the dominant question I find myself compelled to answer here whenever my mind turns to blogging.

45 of 365: Vision
I used to dream restlessly about organizing books when I worked at the now defunct Branches Bookstore on Minnehaha and Andresen.  This preoccupation is different.  Besides lacking the monotony, the question at hand bears quite a bit of possibility and hope.  Rather than being the proverbial endless  rolling of the stone up the hill, this task feels more like holding a blank check.

So, as the journey unfolds and the check gets filled in, here are a couple things we’d love to have you praying for:

Insight and Understanding: How have our specific giftings prepared the way before us?  What paths have already been laid before our feet?

Scheduling: The next few weeks are pretty heavily weighted with meetings to aimed at finding/discerning where the Lord is leading us.  Pray that the necessary scheduling comes together for this.

Thank you for your prayers!


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