The Four G’s: God is Good

April 6, 2010

As we’ve been looking toward the future I’ve found myself moving between dependance and independence.  I suppose it is the dilemma of every Christ follower who is in a place of transition: where do I move and where do I wait?  How do I keep from moving forward independently?  How can I stem my inclination to grasp at control?

Last week I listened to two parts of Soma Community’s “4 G’s” portion of their Soma School training (parts one and three of session six).  Based off of Tim Chester’s book You Can Change the basic idea behind the 4 G messages are an expansion of a couple ideas:

  • God is Great: so we don’t have to be in control
  • God is Glorious: so we don’t have to fear others
  • God is Good: so we don’t have to look elsewhere
  • God is Gracious: so we don’t have to prove ourselves.

Personally, listening to the message on the goodness of God has been good for me as we look for the future.  With as little as we can control, I’m constantly amazed at the ways I go about pursuing it.  And frankly, the only reason I can see why I would feel the need to manufacture my own security, is that I don’t trust God to provide what I need.

God forgive me for denying your goodness in the times I seek my good outside of your provision!

Please keep praying for us!


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