Resources for Knowing and Loving Your Neighborhood Well

April 28, 2010

Tim Chester over at Transform Culture has compiled lists some great insights and questions from three books on getting to know your neighborhood in a way that will enable us to engage the world missionally.  Here is Tim’s preface (which I think is superb!):

Recognizing our missional context means we can no longer assume the church understands the culture. We need to  get to know our neighbourhood, its people, their stories, values, worldview and culture. Sometimes communities are defined by geography, but they may also be defined in other ways (ethnicity, leisure interest, time of life). In an urban context most people are part of several communities.

I would love to see and hear back from anyone who would follow the link, print out the post and answer the questions on the page.  This may revolutionize your understanding of the mission field you are aiming to reach!

The questions listed on the page are from The Shaping of Things to Come (Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch), The Forgotten Ways Handbook (Alan Hirsch) and Radical Reformission (Mark Driscoll).  Tim lists the page numbers for those who are really curious.


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