Missional Church: A Short Start

June 9, 2010

So begins a series of bite-size forays in to the world of missional church–her nature, identity, presence, practice and so much more in the world.  My hope is that these posts would clarify more of what the Lord has been stirring in us and continue to lead us deeper in.  I would love to see these posts address questions that you may have about the missional church as well.  Please feel free to contact/converse with me through the comments, Contact Us page, email or Facebook with issues/questions you’d like to hear more of.

Missional Church

One needs little training in philology or word parsing to spot the “mission” in “missional”.  And so it should be, because the missional church is one for who the mission of God is integral.  For this reason, I find it is necessary for any discussion of the missional church to begin with the missional God.

The Bible speaks of this God and his mission from Genesis to Revelation.  Whether it is the self-communication of God through creation, the recurring promises of restoration, the Exodus event, the establishment of David as King, the judgement that came on rebellious Israel or the sending of the Son by the Father, every page is saturated with the God of mission at work in his world.

He is not begrudgingly involved in the world, he is driven in to it.  He does not stand far off as a neglectful parent, he is imminently near as a loving father at work for the betterment of his children.

In order to talk about the missional church, we must first understand that the one who has birthed this church, is himself

missional.  As others have said, “It is not the church of God that has a mission, but the God of mission who has a church.”

Beginning with the God of mission, it is hardly surprising that his Church should be missionally oriented in all of her parts.  Or as John Houghton has said, “If mission is at the heart of God’s will for his people, it follows that the only way to glorify God is to make [mission] the heart of our churches.”


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