Missional Church: Incarnation

June 14, 2010

So continues a series of bite-size forays in to the world of missional church–her nature, identity, presence, practice and so much more in the world.  My hope is that these posts would clarify more of what the Lord has been stirring in us and continue to lead us deeper in.  I would love to see these posts address questions that you may have about the missional church as well.  Please feel free to contact/converse with me through the comments, Contact Us page, email or Facebook with issues/questions you’d like to hear more of.

If God is the God of mission, as we talked about last week, then how or where does the church this missional God has founded sit in relation to this mission?

Though the church may claim ownership of the mission at times and though the church may undertake varying missions at different times, the first thing to acknowledge is that the mission does not belong to the church.  It is God’s mission–he has conceived it, he carries it and he will complete it.  The mission’s progress and completion are not contingent upon the church.  The church is not proprietor of the mission.  She is the servant of the God of mission.

As a servant, the church is in a constant state of humble dependance upon the one to whom the mission belongs, so that in knowing him, she might respond to his invitation and join him on mission.  Obvious as it may seem, the pursuit of the God of mission, does not happen only in contemplation or isolation, but out on mission itself.  How many people have found Jesus in service among the needy and broken?

Lastly, instead of asking “How does the church live missionally?” the servant church asks, “What is God already doing?”  and “How do we join him and equip others to do the same?”  Since, the church is not the proprietor of the mission, we can be sure he answers to these questions will reach much beyond the church as a location, a program or as a people.


2 Responses to “Missional Church: Incarnation”

  1. Chris Says:

    I agree that we must look at what the church is already doing and equip others… but I beleive a big part of the puzzle is also what is the church not doing, Who is the church not reaching, and how the church might change in order to better be a part of God’s mission.

    I believe much of the church is not missional at all at least not in Jerusalem.

    I do love that we can join in God’s work He will Do He will move, and He will have His way!

    I am glad my little cousen is smarter then me and a much better writer.

    Your family is beautiful! hope to see you next month when we come up to visit.


    Ps do you beleive your current church is Missional… if so how what do they do well?

  2. joewulf Says:

    Chris! We’re looking forward to seeing you guys as well!

    For me as well, the people the church (or churches I should say) are not reaching are a burning reminder of our need to change. The church as a centralized power and control structure will never reach every demographic. Jesus, as the sovereign pursuant, will reach them and he will do it far beyond our machinations or manipulation. Let’s put our energy in to discerning and joining the work he is already doing!

    Definitely agree that Jerusalem is lacking missionally–especially in comparison to Antioch. It is so funny (and sad) to me how much we want to emulate Jerusalem, totally ignoring their disobedience to Acts 1:8!

    About whether my current church is missional, are you asking about CCCC?

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