Missional Church: Gospel’s Times

June 30, 2010

So continues a series of bite-size forays in to the world of missional church–her nature, identity, presence, practice and so much more in the world.  My hope is that these posts would clarify more of what the Lord has been stirring in us and continue to lead us deeper in.  I would love to see these posts address questions that you may have about the missional church as well.  Please feel free to contact/converse with me through the comments, Contact Us page, email or Facebook with issues/questions you’d like to hear more of.

The Gospel bears many tenses.  Past present and future, the good news speaks powerfully to followers of Christ.  We are saved by the completed work of Jesus, witnesses to and vessels of the present unfolding of his work and expectant onlookers, longing for the consummation of Christ’s redemptive story, when he will finally set up his kingdom physically on this earth.

Before we go any further, let me say that these three dimensions of Christ’s Good News are by no means the possession of the missional church alone.  These affirmations have been stewarded by the church for centuries, however, their application in the present is the point of their more missional application.

It is not possible to overstate the importance of past and future work of Christ  for the believer.  In his past work we stand, in his future work we hope, but it does not stop here.  On the basis of his past work and from a faith-full hope in his future work we engage the world expectantly looking for the present intervention of our Savior in our own lives and around us.

Our neighborhoods and contexts therefore, become the canvas upon which we jubilantly watch our Savior pour himself out as we too joyfully pour ourselves out along side him to his glory!


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