Breaking the Silence

August 13, 2010

As long as it is going to be broken, it might as well be done with a bang: We’re moving tomorrow!  (Well, technically–seeing as how it is past midnight…Anyway, back to moving)

I don’t know how many times one must move before it becomes routine–perhaps our five moves in 25 months begins to approach it–but we are, nonetheless, thoroughly stoked to be packing out bags once again for the far country.  Well maybe not the FAAAR country (Far county?).

This Sunday Olympia will, as many of you have already heard, find itself the recipients of four Wulf’s in search of a home and city to love.

I (Joey) will be coming on staff at Reality Church to equip and serve the church in her scatteredness as heralds of and signposts to the coming king in whose kingdom our citizenship safely resides.  Much to look forward to in the coming days as we learn with others to live out of the coming kingdom!

Now that the cat is out of the bag, I’m looking forward to re-engaging the blog as a place to share my journey, learning, musing and ramblings with you!  See you in the comments!


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