Moving Day!

August 31, 2010

The long two-year journey in the crowded life-boat is nearly over.  Tomorrow marks the first time in 2+ years that Kate and I will be living in a place of our own.  Let me say that again, in a little different way: Tomorrow will be mark our first day we will live as parents in our own space.  Is that crazy?  That feels crazy.  Do other parents do that or what?  How crazy…

In any case, tomorrow morning at 10:00 am Kate and I will be heading over with the kids and a two cars filled with the first loads of our minimal earthly belongings to unpack; and hopefully, this move’s unpacking will keep for a bit longer than the five we’ve made in the last 26 months.  That’s not too big of a challenge, given that our longest stay in any one place was around 13 months.

Seems like I ought to have something profound to say or some amazing lesson I’ve learned from sharing refrigerator space and charting out who gets to wash their clothes on which days.  I know its kind of a let down–at least it is for me–but for now, I’m just excited.  But hold on, cause maybe once the honeymoon’s over and we’re being gospelled out of all the hoarding we weren’t really able to do these last two years, maybe then some nugget will emerge from the rubble.

For now though, the big question is: Will I be able to sleep tonight or will I be the wide-eyed little boy going to Disneyland in the morning?


3 Responses to “Moving Day!”

  1. KatieO Says:

    Yay!!!!! So excited for you guys! Can’t wait until you’re all settled and ready for visitors!

  2. Karen Wulf Says:

    We are excited for you. Having shared laundry schedules and refrigerator space with you for a significant part of the time you mention in your post, I have to say that it has been pure pleasure. Living with you has taught us a lot about ourselves. Blessings to you in your new home!

  3. joewulf Says:

    @KatieO We’re excited too! We’re hoping we packed a couch or two in one of these boxes though, cause living room furniture looks like camping chairs right now….
    @Karen Wulf 🙂 Excited for you guys to see it!

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