Missional Church Quotes

September 3, 2010

I’m a cheater: I look ahead in the books I’m reading.  Today I started Missional Church: A vision for the sending of the Church in North America.  So far?  Phenomenal.  I can already tell you this is going to be an excellent book–and I probably could have told you that just by looking at the list of authors who wrote it!

So, I’ve actually got two quotes for you.  The first one I got fair and square, the second I cheated on.  I’d love to hear your thoughts/reactions to them.  Here they are:

“…it has taken us decades to realize that mission is not just a program of the church.  It defines the church as God’s sent people.  Either we are defined by mission, or we reduce the scope of the gospel and the mandate of the church.  Thus our challenge today is to move from church with mission to missional church” (6).

And the cheater one…

“The aim of the church is not simply to make a given culture more just or more caring, but to shape a people into an alternative way of life.  Missional communities representing the reign of God will be intentional about providing the space, the time and the resources for peopl to unlearn old patterns and learn new ways of living that reveal God’s transforming and healing power”  (152).


3 Responses to “Missional Church Quotes”

  1. Hans Says:

    Hi Joey,
    Interesting all this “mission talk”, but there’s one thing I miss in the entire discussion. Lord Jesus is head of the church, right? Our ultimate leader, so to speak. What if we use our church to get close enough to Jesus so that we can hear His voice? What if we let Him decide whether to go on a mission or to stay home and take care of our families?
    Getting close enough to Jesus in order to hear His voice is what it should be all about, if you ask me, let The Lord be The Lord and let Him lead, not a book, not some preacher or a spiritual writer.

    Futhermore it’s still a little bit colder in Nieuw-Vennep since you left :-).

    God bless you Joey, and Kate.


  2. Tom Gerritsen Says:

    I do believe in the transformation of a person by the spirit of Christ when you are reborn.
    I do not know about “mission” as the word does sound like a intended period of time that you spend towards a goal. For me the life as a Christian is continuos and as the new creation we are to follow the commandment Mark 16:15.

    I see so many Christians that proclaim to believe and follow Christ, but still do not show a change in how they life. They still look/listen/read/drink/eat the same garbage as they did before. We are to be Christian and on a mission for Christ all the time.

  3. joewulf Says:

    @Hans I’m glad we both share a passion to see Jesus as the head and leader of the church! When I talk about mission, what I’m really talking about is the extension of the leadership and lordship of Jesus in the entirety of the life we each live. This is not about traveling around the world, but about how the work of Jesus and his Gospel continues to shape the way we live wherever God has placed us. How we use our resources, parent our children, spend our time, etc. are all platforms from which the Gospel is proclaimed as we “learn new ways of living that reveal God’s transforming and healing power”

    @Tom You’re right: the life of the Christian is continuous. And, I would add, it is the continued work of the Gospel that continues to shape what we listen/read/drink/eat so that those things (as quoted above) would “reveal God’s transforming and healing power”.
    Great to hear from you two!

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