Lausanne Revisited – A Quote

September 16, 2010

Through a long circuitous route of book reviews, rehashed famous quotes and explanations I came upon a quote (via Christopher Wright on the Lausanne Covenant here) that stirred me.  Originally the quote comes from Dutch theologian Willem Adolph Visser ‘t Hooft in 1961:

The command to witness to Christ is given to every member of his Church. It is a commission given to the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to the whole world. When the Church recognises that it is exists for the world, there arises a passionate concern that the blessings of the Gospel of Christ should be brought to every land and to every man and woman.

Yet another good thing (along with stroopwafels!) coming out of the Netherlands…

Of course the mission for “The Whole Church to Take the Whole Gospel to the Whole World” is not particular to either the Lausanne Covenant or Visser (as Wright points out).  Interestingly enough, however was that the famous Lausanne quote just mentioned has taken a slightly different form (found via Jonathan Dodson):

The Whole Church, Taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole City.

Allowing ourselves to dream for a second: What would this look like?


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