Nearly Sleeping Through the Night…

September 21, 2010

After a nearly solid night of sleep (Ellie only woke up once to nurse!), I figured it is about time I post some goodness from the chillins.

Jude–who looks very cute with his new haircut (the pic is from before the buzz)–is become quite the singer!  Between “Jesus lubbes me”, the A-B-C’s and the old favorite “Firetruck” we have a fairly steady stream of singing around the duplex.  Some of my favorites are hearing him sing “Up abup a wowrd so hi, like a dime-a in a ky” and his many adaptations of the chorus to “Firetruck” (which goes “Firetruck, firetruck, I want to ride a firetruck”)–especially “Ellie Jane, Ellie Jane, I want to ride a Ellie Jane”.

EDIT: Jude climbed out of his playpen today for the first time!  A new era has begun…

So, beside the quantum leap of nearing sleeping through the night, Ellie has also upped her game in the mobility department as well.  Of course, sitting is old news, so now she’s on to leaning, a little bit of rocking and some fairly solid cases of the standing-lean-against random-stuff.  She’s more ticklish, more talkative, more responsive, and she’s more settled in her morning/afternoon nap routines (which is a huge help for Kate!).  Though the kids are still pretty offset in their nap schedules, Ellie is very able to nap on the go if Jude and mama need to do some running around in the morning when I make the 26 minute downhill walk to work (looking for a bike…).


One Response to “Nearly Sleeping Through the Night…”

  1. mom Says:

    Adorable pictures once again. Oma sends big hugs to you both, love you.

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