Living the Story Revisited

September 23, 2010

Some great discussion going on over at the GCM Collective (click here for information about the GCM Collective) over the questions we ask as we sit under and allow God’s story to shape our life together:

  • What does this story say about God?
  • What does it say about us (humans)?
  • What does this show us about our relationship towards God? His relationship towards us?
  • Who is the hero of this story? Where do you see this? <– which needs to be asked constantly
  • How does this contrast to the way people think in our culture?
  • If what we discussed today is true, how does/should it affect your life? How would it affect us as a community? How would it affect others in our neighborhood, our city?

Because Jesus’ Gospel is working presently, the Bible needs to be engaged as the story we find ourselves in, rather than as only a catalogue of truths waiting to be mined.  These questions are guides to help us become good readers (you’ll notice many of these questions are valuable for how we read other stories as well).

Thanks to Nate Peterson for pulling these questions together!


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