Renewal In the Church

October 1, 2010

Moved by a great quote this morning I thought I’d share with you.

Thus, the renewal of the church will come not through a recovery of personal experience or straight doctrine, nor through innovative projects of evangelism or social action, nor in creative techniques or liturgical worship, nor in the gift of tongues, nor in new budgets, new buildings, and new members.

The renewal of the church will come about through the work of the Spirit in restoring and reconstituting the church as a local community whose common life bears the marks of radical obedience to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Jim Wallis

Thanks to Len Hjalmarson for the quote (read more about The Missional Church Fieldbook it comes from here).


One Response to “Renewal In the Church”

  1. Len Says:

    A great old quote Wallis is one of those people who has always had his head on straight.

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