“Fall is Here!”

October 6, 2010

“Fall is here!” said my wife as we pulled away from the church building.


“Pumpkin spice lattes!  Eggnog!  Leaves changing color!  Christmas music!” (alright, I’m not certain she said “Christmas music”, but I know she was thinking it)

Yes friends, Fall is here.  In the Wulf house this means not only the begin of Fall, but also the beginning of Christmas.  A bit early you say?  Ha!  My wife has already watched two Christmas movies (granted they were chick flicks…) and I am holding up my end of the relationship by pining for the eggnog I have missed these last three years.

While I’m certain this time of year will lead us to resurrect our old Christmas movies list and lead to Christmas Movie Marathon 2010, I’m also aware of other rhythms this time of year brings.  Lion’s park has begun being populated with practicing soccer teams, school buses have begun driving through the neighborhood for Jude’s enjoyment and bunches of churches will be heading out for their fall retreats.

Ahhhh, the fall retreat…that special time when we withdraw from the schools that so easily ensnare us (see here for a short primer on what to expect at your church’s fall retreat).

Anyway, in lieu of the fall retreat, we will be continuing our quest to embody Jesus well and allow him to shape the rhythms of our lives as we move in to this new season.  God help us as we learn and grow to live beyond the familiarity of the Fall retreat.

And now, about that eggnog…


4 Responses to ““Fall is Here!””

  1. Terra Says:

    I think we should make homemade ice cream to put in our homemade egg nog for our family gathering on thanksgiving. Mmmm. Yes. I shall start the plans now. : )

  2. Hey, don’t forget the Sufjan Christmas music. It should already be out.

    P.S. I just recently posted a blog (What!) about one of his songs.

    • joewulf Says:

      Can’t forget the Sufjan! (he is mediating Kate and my relationship to Christmas music)
      I look forward to reading your post!

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