Does your home have meaning?

October 8, 2010

Every morning, one of the first things I do when I get to the church building is to review my mail and RSS feeds.  Among the consortium of blogs, news and others sites I follow is Donald Miller’s blog.  Today Don’s put up a post titled, “How to Give Your Home and Stuff Meaning.”

If anything is easily lost in this age of consumerism, it tends to be meaning.  Separated from the world of handcrafted, painstakingly made products, one can only have so many “made in China” products invested with significance–unless those made-in-China’s  are unified under a larger meaning and purpose…

Here are some of Don’s thoughts:

I want the stuff in the condo and the food in the pantry and the furniture in the guest room to be for others. I’ve been able to do a little of that in the last year, convert my home into an imitation of God’s place, and in so doing, I’ve discovered a little secret my friend with the ranch must have discovered a long time ago: Managing God’s stuff for the enjoyment and comfort of the people God loves is a blast. It gives meaning to your things, and a feeling of importance to the places you get to live within.

My friend with the ranch has a simple home outside Portland, but it’s a home with a barn attached, and he’s built another barn, not for himself, but so he and his wife can host weddings and events for youth groups. How much better would our homes feel if the living room were the place where that pastor and his family from Eastern Europe came and shared a meal and interacted with our neighbors, or the yard was the place where the soccer team from the school across the street had their barbecue? Our homes would be charged with meaning and character and, well, life! Our entertainment center wasn’t designed so we could watch movies, but so neighbors could come together and watch football while we serve them hamburgers. What if we managed our homes like little meeting places God used to bring people together?

Go check out Don’s original post here and if you haven’t read much of Donald Miller check him out (maybe start here)


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