Changing the Conversation

October 15, 2010

Why do you do what you do?

This week I got an email from our neighborhood association saying they needed people to help with a project.  Immediately I began thinking of all the things that could happen if Kate or I helped.  It’s very easy for me to think how my helping this project could help me earn God’s approval, make me seem like a good neighbor, relieve the guilt I sometimes feel for not “doing enough” or a million other twisted motivations.  This time however, a light came on and it changed the conversation:

“Hey Kate.  I just got an email that the association needs help.  Why don’t we help, since we’re servants?”

Nothing to be gained through our service (because Jesus has already gained it for us).  No one to manipulate into thinking we’re valuable or really helpful.  No talk of “Oh, we really should be doing this…”  Just serving the needs around us because that’s who Jesus has made us to be.  It is who we are.  It is how we live.  Simple.



2 Responses to “Changing the Conversation”

  1. In the end you guys ended up sitting at home and playing Halo: Reach, right?

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