Beyond Safety Pt. II

October 21, 2010

So, here we are, returning to the question of safety: How do we live beyond the dogged pursuit of safety?

For myself, the initial temptation would be to trade one slave driver for another, more Pharisaically holy looking master.  Regardless of the master, the long road will always end in another blog post decrying the latest idol of my heart.

[Aside – For those of us having trouble moving past safety, James says we ought to ask for God’s wisdom that we might joyfully value the trials and dangers around us – okay, time-in again.]

Only when the idol of safety is replaced by Jesus will I have found a good master who leads to full living beyond safety.  Jesus, the true king, does not stay holed up in his castle.  He is not contented with hiding in the face of brokenness.  He always confronts pain–dangerous as it is–to either heal and redeem it, or to bring justice.  And he will lead our families to the same costly, dangerous, uncomfortable, messy engagement when he is king and we are his people.


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