Loving as Christ Loved – Andrea’s Story

October 23, 2010

Story time!  At REALITY, we are regularly sharing and celebrating stories of God’s movement among us (It is the Gospel at work among us!), and today I’d like to share Andrea’s story of learning how to love as Jesus loved:

In raising my first two children I thought I could secure their faith for them by putting them in the right places and surrounding them with the right people.  Even though I worked to take them to church, put them in private school, etc. my plan failed to fulfill my own desires for my children and what I thought their spiritual lives should look like.

Now that we have “set #2” as Dwight and I like to call it, we not only have the opportunity to teach our younger children but also an opportunity to redeem our misgivings as our older children watch us parent anew, with grace this time around.

So… Erin, our 6 year old completed kindergarten at a local Christian private school and moved on to 1st grade at our local public school due to the combined costs of private school and child care.  Practically speaking we were forced to look at the bright side of entering the public school.  Immediately after we made the decision the Lord began to confirm that not only was this something that we had to do, it was something that we GOT to do, that it was a blessing to take our resources, our child, our time, our talents and our faith in Jesus to this school.  As a matter of fact, it had been a prayer of mine for over a year that I would be put to use in what He is doing in a powerful way.

I went to the first PTA meeting thinking I would have to elbow my way in to helping only to walk out of my first meeting with the Secretary position on the board!  All of the sudden, very simple things like sending crackers to school for the kids who have no snack is a BIG deal and the ministry is only beginning.

I can’t pin point any specific turning point, only that I began to see that separating from the people we live with and near was not doing anything but building a wall and I began to see the wisdom in why Mother Theresa lived in the streets of Calcutta.  That is when I made up my mind that to love as Christ loved is to be with the people who need a physician.



2 Responses to “Loving as Christ Loved – Andrea’s Story”

  1. karen wulf Says:

    What a beautiful and profound story this is, Joey. Many thanks to Andrea for being able/willing to take a second look at her circumstances and find Jesus in them. Her story resonates with me and what God is doing in our family’s life.

  2. Katie Says:

    Wow! I love this!

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