Identity and Mission -Gary Nelson

October 25, 2010

I heard a great quote from Gary Nelson today on identity and mission that I just had to share:

I think one of the key issue of the missional is where does one find their identity as the church, as a follower of Christ.  How does one, how do I define myself? And I think that is one of the key things that are critical in the missional dialogue. If its just something I do to attract more people or to bring more people in or even to reach out in to the community then its not much different than what we did before, we just have a cooler word to put to it…I enter in to mission when I cross over from my world into another world where faith, other faiths and no faiths interact.  It’s just a program if it doesn’t change my identity.

-Gary Nelson (This quote comes from a video by Bill Kinnon of a dialogue between David Fitch and Gary Nelson)


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