Upcoming Prayer Needs

October 25, 2010

It was wonderful gathering with those of you who were able to come out and pray with us tonight! Thanks for making the time and supporting the Lord’s work in and through us! 🙂
For anyone who wasn’t able to make it or who needs a reminder, here are the prayer requests we talked about tonight:
Upcoming Trainings: November 5-6 and 7 will be our first attempts to begin training the people at REALITY in mission in more formal ways. We’ve been talking about it from the front for quite a while, but now we’re moving to better build and clarify the foundations from which we are engaging on mission together.

Riding the Wave: Along with a burgeoning community of people interested and engaging on mission, there is also is a growing influx of challenges and questions for us to navigate biblically.  (For example: How do we train for autonomous reproduction rather than dependence on the trainers?)

Eastside Neighborhood: Kate and I have a lot to learn about our neighbors and how to engage them as friends as we establish our rhythms as a family (which still feels very new for us)

Thank you for your support!  I look forward to our next time of prayer together in the new year!


2 Responses to “Upcoming Prayer Needs”

  1. Sara Olin Says:

    Sorry we weren’t able to make it last night! We had the chance to bring an old friend to the airport and enjoy a dinner with him before he flew home. Caleb was such a blessing to us when he lived out here 16 years ago!! God used him powerfully among the youth group we were involved with at the time to bring a revival among the youth group!! God is so amazing, his faithfulness to us is so humbling!!
    Ivan and I will keep you and Kate in our prayers as well!!

    • joewulf Says:

      No worries Sara. You guys were certainly missed, but we’d rather have ardent, faithful people of prayer than a big turn out at our prayer meeting. 🙂

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