Halloween: Bring the Better Candy Bar

October 26, 2010

Mr T: He knows the better candy bar

Put aside your “Harvest Party” baggage and think for a moment: How can I live out my identity in Christ on Halloween?  No doubt your neighborhood has its own peculiar twists/needs, but here are 11 ideas to get us started:

  • Bring the better candy bar–skip the fun size and bless extravagantly because you have been blessed extravagantly!
  • Hot Cocoa, cider, mulled spiced wine–It’s October folks and there are a lot of cold parents out there in need of some caring.
  • Bring out the fire pit (if you’re outside city limits)–AND actually sit around it between Treaters!  Who wouldn’t stop?
  • Smores over the BBQ–Sure, it may not appeal as much to your inner pyro, but its still a fun way to meet people and build community.
  • Host a murder mystery night with neighbors–This one might take some quick planning and execution at this late hour, but it could still work…
  • Host a keg from the Fish Tale (or another local brewery)–Checking ID’s at the mailbox?
  • BBQ Hotdogs–As long as the grill is out and the weather is nice, why not cook up some dogs?  (BTW–certainly if Jesus had multiplied hotdogs in the feeding of the 5000, they would have been quality and all beef)
  • Lawn chairs–Stop lurking behind those blinds, waiting for the next Treaters. Get out of the house!
  • Reverse Treating–Think through your neighborhoods’ demographics. Who would like to go Treating but can’t?  Why not bring them candy?
  • Face Painting–I’m no artist, but surely even a face painted double rainbow can’t be that intense?
  • Block party–As long as we’re going all out, why not turn this celebration into an all out block party to bless your neighbors and build community?

For those who are wondering, bringing the better candy bar does not mean that you’re worshiping Satan. In fact, bringing Jesus to the party is actually something I don’t believe Satan would appreciate at all. The real question is, what is the commonality in our culture’s celebration that we resonate with, and how can we make the party better?  Please add your plans/ideas in the comments.


5 Responses to “Halloween: Bring the Better Candy Bar”

  1. Katie Says:

    I’m gonna have to set the bar low this year; we’ll get big candy bars maybe next time….this year, it’s the fun size. Though, I dig the idea. And I bet that whoever DOES give the good candy will have tenfold the trick-or-treaters next year.

  2. Katie Says:

    Keep dreaming, Joey 🙂 hahahaa.

  3. […] it is time for us to start looking at Christmas as we’ve done with Halloween to see what God would have for us this season. Before we jump in to specifics for Christmas, […]

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