“I repent”

November 13, 2010

Though I started out looking at believing the Gospel as a process oriented disciple rather than a one time event, I find other areas in need of process renovation as well.  The two issues commonly on my mind recently–and those we will address here–are repentance and knowing Jesus.

Do we really look at repentance as a one time affair?  I would say yes and no.  “Yes” in that, there are people for whom repentance is and has been done.  They did it and now they’re done.  “No” in that, there are others who realize a more regular repentance.  What I am getting at here is, I think, beyond both tendencies.

Earlier in looking at belief we asked, “When did/do you believe the Gospel” to get at the heart of the issue.  Here I think it is helpful for us to ask, “Why do we repent?”

Quite simply, repentance 1) aids in and brings healing (James 5:16), 2) demonstrates the sufficiency of Jesus’ work 3) leads the people of God to worship him.  Don’t those seem like good things?  Don’t they seem like reasons I would want to repent all the time?  Yet, one of the craziest things is I struggle with repentance.  I don’t want to do it.  I don’t want to admit I’m in the wrong.  I don’t want to my weakness and inability to be on display.

Here’s the problem: when I am reluctant to repent, or when I can’t name my need for repentance in specific terms, or when I freely repent of “safe sins”, I’m not really believing that Jesus is sufficient to cover my sins and make me acceptable to the Father.  Neither is our hiding making us any more “usable” to God, as though he couldn’t use a broken witness.  As Leslie Newbigin has said,

…the reign of God is present in the midst of this sinful, weak, and divided community, not through any power or goodness of its own, but because God has called and chosen this company of people to be the bearers of his gift on behalf of all people. (The Open Secret, 54)

So, repent.  Repent so that his gift might be bourn on behalf of all people.  And repent freely of both pretty and unsightly sins, of momentary and habitual sins, so that every part of life might be a canvas upon which Jesus’ glory might be clearly see.


One Response to ““I repent””

  1. right…well said…sinner…redeemed

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