November 21, 2010

Sitting on the edge of what my son calls his “big-boy unders bed” yesterday thinking through the drive-by sister pushing I’d witnessed ten minutes earlier I had an epiphany.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching myself to see if and when I’ve been looking to my kids to save me.  My recurring question has been, “Why do I want my kids to behave?”  So people will think I’m a good dad?  Have I been giving myself credit for the complements my kids seem to continually garner?  Am I looking to their performance to justify me rather than Jesus’ performance?  It is an easy shift to make.  It is easy to be angry at seeing a crying eight-month-old sat on by a two-year-old.  It is just as easy to be angry for the wrong reasons; reasons that will come through loud and clear to the disciplined party.

Until yesterday Jude and I haven’t really had any compelling discipline routine.  It has usually gone in four steps: that was wrong, you get discipline, we talk about it being wrong, you go ask the wronged party for forgiveness and give them a love.  Kind of anemic in light of our robust Gospel huh?

As of yesterday, we have a new routine and a new end for discipline in the Wulf house: discipline reminds us of our need for the Gospel and drives us to pray that Jesus would heal the inward brokenness we display through hurting others.  Now, Daddy and son alike stand under discipline on equal footing.  God disciplines.  Daddy disciplines.  Both discipline for the same end: that we would cast ourselves on Jesus for healing of our brokenness that he might be glorified in our restoration.

So, I’m pretty new at this–year years in–and I need some input.  How else does or can our parenting put the Gospel on display?


3 Responses to “Parenting”

  1. Katie Says:

    this challenges me. We definitely parent in the former description you gave. How can I parent in light of the Gospel. Can I do that, if I’m not “believing” the Gospel in my parenting…if it’s about the Gospel of Katie the Good Parent. Obviously I can’t. So now, what needs to change. Good stuff.

  2. Karen Wulf Says:

    Insightful questions to be asking ourselves, ones that never really lose their effectiveness. Reminds me of Psalm 139, a prayer which in parts asks God to search and know us, and reveal any wickedness hiding out.

  3. […] question is simple enough, but rarely do we seem to have really pertinent answers.  A while back I posted on how the Gospel is coming to impact how my wife and I discipline our children.  This week […]

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