Prayer Update

December 7, 2010

Thank you to all who prayed for the Scattered Basics intro I told you about last week!  The training went great as the flow of the time only continues to go more smoothly (last time Scattered Basics, which runs fifteen minutes, came the day after Paul and I spent 6 hours unpacking the same subjects!).

Ultimately my aim for the time is that people would be both scared and excited; excited because they are participating (!) in the grand purposes of God and scared because they are participating in the grand purposes of God. (it’s always scary to live beyond our means isn’t it?).  These are both exciting and scary realities that we are learning to live in as a community, one step at a time.

Between this and last months Scattered Basics we’ve had nearly 25 people participate!  Pray that God will continue to stoke the hearts of people at REALITY and move them to live with him on mission as we move forward!

JANUARY PRAYER MEETING: We’re still a long way from setting this in stone, but I’m hoping to come down around the third week in January for another prayer meeting.


One Response to “Prayer Update”

  1. karen wulf Says:

    Glad Scattered Basics went so well! Your thoughts on scared and excited might serve as a helpful indicator of how close to the edge we are walking with Jesus, at least at this stage.
    We look forward to a third week prayer meeting.

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