The Lead-up to a Christmas on Mission Part I

December 9, 2010

Alright, it is time for us to start looking at Christmas as we’ve done with Halloween to see what God would have for us this season. Before we jump in to specifics for Christmas, let’s review some of the groundwork…
As we’ve talked about before, one of the major battles in pursuing Jesus is in continually working to believe the Gospel. We don’t want to merely know the Gospel. We want to believe it, and believing means doing. Why? Because faith works. We’re not justified by works, but faith (belief) always demonstrates itself in action. Okay, let’s not belabor the point (I’m sure we’ll return to it again later).
Just for a refresher, what is it that we believe?
We believe that God is at work in the world, that he is the God of mission, and we want to join him on this mission. From our reading of the Bible as both good theologians and good readers of story, we know that the point of God’s story is the restoration of all things through the Spirit-filled person and work of Jesus and that this restoration continues presently powered by the work of the Spirit (yes, I know; that was quite a mouthful).
So, how do we join with God through the power of the Spirit in this restorative work?
In much the same way that Adam and Eve were commissioned to be fruitful and multiply that the whole earth would be filled with the image of God, so we have been commissioned by Jesus to “Go…and make disciples of the nations” (notice disciple-making starts before conversion). The restoration of God is set to happen as the world is reconciled back to God and humanity returns to faithfully bearing the image of God in all our various contexts and lives. Put simply, engaging in God mission of restoring all things means discipling people like Jesus discipled people (in all of life).
As we move on to the specifics I want to hear from you: what can we be doing to proactively join with God in making disciples of the nations this Christmas season? More to come tomorrow…


3 Responses to “The Lead-up to a Christmas on Mission Part I”

  1. Tom Dykstra Says:

    Could you please unpack the scooter-riding Santa concept in part II?

    • joewulf Says:

      Come on Tom: making disciples…an army of scooter riding Santas…connection? Alright, you got me. Not even I had a purpose for all those Santas…

  2. To continue to serve where He has planted me. I serve at my childrens public school. I am signed up for the schools Winter Workshop with other volunteers. Am already praying for and will be aggresively be looking to speak “The reason for the season” not only that day but also to each time I “serve” in there classes. AND as I know of others believers in that school, I plan on encouraging them-as they encourage me- to KEEP GOING !

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