The Lead-up to a Christmas on Mission Part II

December 10, 2010

In preparing for a Christmas on mission in yesterday’s post, we left off with the question, “What can we be doing to proactively join with God in making disciples of the nations this Christmas season?”

If we’re making disciples like Jesus did and recognizing him as Lord over all of life so that every bit of the ordinary is shaped by the Gospel, then our discipleship must also happen amidst the ordinary.  How we live and engage life (including what we say) is the demonstration of the Gospel.  In order to make disciple then, prerequisite number one is not an excellent 12 week curriculum.  It is people!

What are the things you usually do around Christmas?

  • Buy a Christmas tree
  • Decorate a Christmas tree
  • Watching Christmas movies (Home Alone is scary when watched alone…)
  • Shopping for Christmas gifts
  • Caroling
  • Attend city Christmas events (Tree lightings, lights displays, etc.)
  • Making presents
  • Shopping for the big Christmas dinner
  • Looking at Christmas lights (Is there anything like this up here?)
  • Making candy cane milkshakes
  • Making gingerbread Houses – (or gingerbread CITIES!)
  • Decorating (and eating) Christmas Cookies
  • Making homemade eggnog (Make this the year you begin this tradition!)

How many of these things could be done with other people?  That is where your discipleship is going to happen.  Mission is not some far off weird thing.  It is what happens as we live life together, continually shaped and shaping others by the Gospel!


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