Two Quotes

December 21, 2010

Last Thursday during our gathering time, in a short teaching by two of our elders leading up to communion two things were said that I wanted to repeat here:

“All sin is a failure to believe something about God.”

That’s a powerful statement.  An excellent platitude, but far too broad to be true, right?  I don’t think so.  Consider this, where in the world do people find/derive your meaning, value and purpose?  Shopping, sports performance, being a friend, helping people, politics, a hobby, etc.–there are innumerable places.  The implication of this statement though is that any place we draw our meaning, value and purpose from outside of God leads to sin.  And wrong belief about God always leads to the same things: fear, hiding, guilt, manipulation, jealousy.  Am I fearful?  Am I worried?  Am I jealous?  I’m not believing God to be the good, loving, gracious, awesome God he claims to be.

So how do we find our way back out of sin?  That takes us to quote number two:

“We worship our way in to sin and so must worship our way out of sin.”

Worshiping the right things.  While our lives serve as walking demonstrations of the first quote, it is easy to miss out on the second.  Too often the Giver of good things gets lost my appreciation of the good things he gives and I end up worshipping the wrong things; the job, the spouse, the car, he kids, the safety, the freedom, the security, the money.  It’s not that these things are inherently bad–many of them are good!  They’re just not meant to be ultimate.

Compounding the brokenness, I often come to my rescue with a barrage of promises, justifications, self-loathing.  “That was so stupid!  I can’t believe I did that again.  I can’t ever do this again cause I don’t want anyone to know about this…”  I’ve already sinned by rejecting who God really is, now I’m rejecting his provision to save.  Yes, this is broken.  I need constant reminders of the Gospel so that I don’t end up trying to shame, guilt and fear myself back out.

Preach the Gospel to me so that I will worship God as he is, that I might worship him, trust him and in trust, refuse to yield to some lesser counterfeit God.


One Response to “Two Quotes”

  1. Win Says:

    Joey, considering what the youth I work with constantly combat (materialism, social status, etc.), this is a great statement your elders made.

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