PRAYER: Scattered Basics

December 30, 2010

We’re back to the first Sunday of the month!  That means I’ll be leading REALITY’s third Scattered Basics class after each service to help people further orient their lives in missional community.  Scattered Basics always excites me because I get to talk about about why we do and because I get to interact with people who are at least starting to ask questions (and I love good questions!).

As we head in to round three, here are our prayer needs:

  1. Please be praying again for the Spirit to be preparing those who will join us Sunday for the sort of life transformation living on mission requires.  Also, pray that I can convey a vision of life on mission that is clear.
  2. We continue to lack the leaders who will be able and willing to bumble through leading others.  Please by praying not only for leaders to be raised up from around REALITY, but also from within the groups our present missional communities are discipling to Christ (If we’re really making disciples who make disciples we should see leaders raising up leaders not just training REALITY’s current body to lead).

As we move forward you can celebrate the growing body of people who are understanding mission and how it shapes and drives every aspect of our lives.


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