Living From the Clouds

January 5, 2011

Its easy to live in the clouds.  To eat, sleep and breath theory and theology so much that we don’t ever make it around to, well, eating, sleeping and breathing–the stuff of living!

Over the weekend someone told me that though they’d been loving the missional theology we’d been talking about, but found that it was not theory or theology that was actually moving them to action.  Need, they said, was moving them to action.  They needed to build relationships with people.  They needed connect with people.  As much as they loved the theology, ultimately it was need that was driving them to engage the people around them.

As our conversation continued, two things about this jumped out to me:

1.  Need does drive us to connect.  What person does not desire to connect themselves with and to serve some larger story? (SERVANTS) What person does not want to belong? (FAMILY)  What person does not live under some primary teacher? (DISCIPLES) What person does not desire to live for a greater purpose and meaning?  (MISSIONARIES)

We were created to live in community for a purpose greater than ourselves.  You’ll find it on the soccer team, at pilates, the Lion’s club, among coworkers–everywhere.  Look for it.  Its there.  We need it, becuase it is who we were intended to be and how we were intended to live.

2.  Theology lets us move beyond need.  While we all want to belong and live beyond ourselves with purpose, theology informs what it looks like to do this well and allows us to actively shape our life.  It tells us what purposes are worthwhile and which are a worthwhile.  It tells us what good family looks like.  It tells us who is a good teacher and who are the heritics.  It directs us to serve the only master that can truly give us life.


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