Bible Aptitude Test?

January 12, 2011

Headline: “Bible Study Group Preparing For Bible Aptitude Test”

ALBANY, GA—A local Bible study group led by 18-year-old Elna Parker has begun meeting more frequently and taking regular practice exams in preparation for the upcoming high-pressure Bible Aptitude Test. “The fact is, if you want to get into a good church these days, you have to do really well on your BATs,” Parker told reporters…”My cousin didn’t take them seriously…and wound up in a Unitarian congregation.” (see here for the original)

As funny as I find this short, satirical blurb, I also find it extremely poignant.  I can’t help but come away from it with the question, “Why do you read the Bible?”  There are many excellent reasons not to read the bible.  Don’t read the Bible to gain or earn something.  Don’t read the Bible to hide your brokenness, prove something, appease someone or become an expert. And don’t read the Bible because you  should.

So, what?  Just stop reading the Bible?  No!  Don’t allow God’s written word to be hijacked by broken motivations!  Read it in a healthy way:

  1. Let God show you if you’re reading the Bible for the wrong reasons and repent if you are.
  2. Thank God that in Jesus you’re already accepted, known and loved, leaving you with nothing left to earn, prove or hide.
  3. Begin to approach Scripture for good reasons

What are good reasons to read the Bible?  (and by good reasons I mean, what are reasons to read the Bible that do not innately deny the message of the Gospel)  Here are a few:

  • Read it to be transformed by the teaching and work of the Spirit.
  • Read it to learn how to live faithfully on mission.
  • Read it to build up your relationship with Jesus.
  • Read it to better understand what is happening around you, interpreting how God interprets.


One Response to “Bible Aptitude Test?”

  1. Katie Says:

    This RESONATES with me! Amen!

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