The Sharehood: Neighborhood Ideas Part II

January 16, 2011

There is a lot that I really like about The Sharehood paradigm (which I shared yesterday)–especially the idea that your stuff can be used to help others (monetarily and environmentally).  I like this even more when I allow Christian theology to inform it and take it one step further.

As followers of Christ we own nothing (evidenced by our confession of poverty at conversion).  Like Abraham we have been blessed (and in Jesus we are richly blessed!) that we might be a blessing to the world.  It gives us reason to bless.  It gives us security in blessing .  It tells us who to bless.

Its a perfect storm:

  1. The God who is both desirous and able to bless extravagantly…
  2. …finds a completely bankrupt people to lavish with gracious gifts…
  3. …and speaks to them through his Spirit as to how they are to use what he has poured out on them to bless others.

The pieces are all in place.  All that remains is for us to acknowledge our poverty, receive his blessing and listen for who we are to bless.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  If (read: “when) the cycle stops we simply examine the pieces and find the breakdown:

  • Is God still able and motivated to bless?
  • Am I still confident that my need is continually met by Jesus?
  • Am I still listening to the Spirit?

As we freely pour out what God has given we demonstrate life beyond hoarding, life beyond asset protection, life that is truly freed from the worry that so often plagues our rest.

This is good news.


One Response to “The Sharehood: Neighborhood Ideas Part II”

  1. karen wulf Says:

    great article to share-thanks! very practical.

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