February 2, 2011

A huge “Thank you!” to the many who prayed for the weekend’s Missional Community (MC) leader training!  Not only has the material Paul and I teach through the time continued to get stronger, but participation continues to grow.

Looking back to our first training in November 2010, we saw around eight people participate, with 7 of them presently in missional community.  This month’s training saw around 20 participants (the upper limit of how many we’d like to see in the training), with around six of them already in missional community.

Please be praying for the three who’ve said they’d like to lead others on mission and the four who are praying about leading others as a result of the Lord’s work in their hearts during this training!  We are anxious to see Jesus’ body apply his Gospel to their lives to his glory!

Our next MC leader training is presently scheduled for early May.


2 Responses to “UPDATE: REALITY Foundations”

  1. karen wulf Says:

    glad to be a part through prayer. Blessings on you and Kate and the little Wulfies.

  2. joewulf Says:

    Glad to be prayed for! One of these times we’ll recording it (now that we’re doing it upstairs) and maybe we can put it up on REALITY’s site or something. We’ll see…

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