Are you listening?

February 10, 2011

Someone told me a story a last week that got me thinking.  The story goes that upon hearing the daughter of Francis Schaeffer (co-founder of L’Abri and author of How Shall We Then Live?) listening to music from a non-Christian artist, they asked her why she was listening to it.  She replied that in it she heard the struggles and questions of the culture around her.

Firstly I have no way to test whether this story happened.  It could be a total farce.  Still, I like it because it challenges me.  Where are my cultural inlets?  What am I doing to purposefully and meaningfully hear?  When I do not listen I am deafened and numbed to the point that my  apathy itself requires the hands of the King for healing.

Jesus not only listens and asks questions of the world around him.  He is actually moved by it and moved for it in the costliest of ways.  Who or what is lost and he does not weep?  Who is wronged and he does not also feel their burden?  Jesus’ life, I think, bears out the reality that listening is the cousin to mourning and celebrating among the Rhythms.  The latter two are never far when the former is practiced really and vulnerably.

So, where are you listening?  And where are you apathetic?


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