“Its a trap!” – Disciples Disciple

February 12, 2011

Oh, yes my friends, it is good to know when something is a trap . What is commonly not known is that discipleship is a trap.

Hardly a week goes by when I don’t hear someone say, “I’d love to be in missional community, but I don’t want to lead”. To which I reply, “That’s fine! Let’s just get you living in missional community first.” I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: “Its a trap!”

This will take a bit, but track with me:

  • Missional community is about us learning to live our lives as the church
  • Life as the church means that we live as Jesus’ disciples learning to live and walk in his ways.
  • Walking in Jesus’ ways includes calling others to learn and walk in his ways.

Let me say it more succinctly: Jesus’ disciples, disciple. You just can’t be a disciple of Jesus who doesn’t disciple.

How can I say this? Because discipleship is not confined in a classroom. It is not something you strictly consent to do like volunteering to tutor third graders.

Discipleship is what is happening when lives rub together. It is what happens when you see how my wife and I deal with conflict, when you see how I respond to being cut off on I-5, when you see how I treat my kids as they freak out in the grocery story. It is happening in every moment as we either urge each other to live in belief of the Gospel or in denial of it. In so doing, we end up leading one another, either toward Christ or away from him (and in that sense everyone is a disciple of someone).

Discipleship is a trap my friends, because it will cause you to lead others, even if you don’t want to. If you are a disciple of Jesus, it is because some other disciple of Jesus became so ensnared by his love that it propelled them to invite others to know and live out of that love as well.


2 Responses to ““Its a trap!” – Disciples Disciple”

  1. Gregg Says:


    Discipleship is not some 12 week study that we do, and which upon completion confers upon us some sense of Christian maturity.

    It is a process of being a follower of Christ, and as such it is done with and before others.

  2. living in fellowship with my neighbors means I spend time with each of them discussing whats going on in our famalies and with the purpose intent to show Gods Love to them in listening and helping where there is need. Its my hope and prayer that as I am doing this God is being proclaimed and lived out in front of them…not me.

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