What do your prayers reveal?

February 15, 2011

Here’s a little experiment I’d be curious to try (but probably won’t so, feel free to steal it and report back afterward).

  • Part 1: Find some church forsaken corner of the city you live in and ask the people there what they’d like you to pray for on their behalf.
  • Part 2: Find some overtly church inhabited corner of the city you live in and ask what’d they’d like you to pray for on their behalf.
  • Part 3: Compare the answers and ask, “Is there any discernible difference between the two sets of answers?”

Perhaps this isn’t a fair experiment.  In fact, I’d say it probably isn’t.  Still it gets me thinking…

Last week during REALITY’s gathering times Paul taught on the Gospel power.  This week as he was leading us through the Gospel purpose I found myself thinking, “What would it look like for our prayers to have equal parts Gospel power and Gospel purpose?”

Through my growing up years I remember prayer requests being heavily lopsided in the Gospel power direction.  That is, I believed something like, “Since God has extended his power to save me, why not spend my prayer life asking him to use his power for other things that would help me and add to my comfort?”  So, the classic, “Pray that I can get rid of this cold, do well on this test, win this game, read my Bible more, stop sinning so much, etc., etc., etc.”  My prayer life ratted me out.  I didn’t believe God had anything better for either of us to do, and my prayers revealed that.

I would venture that our prayers (or lack of them) reveal plenty about what we believe about God if we will bravely venture to let them speak.


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