Memorizing Scripture Effortlessly (Almost) Part I

February 27, 2011

Yeah. There's an app for that...

What does the phrase “memorization” conjure up in your mind?  The brain pinching pains of rote memory?  Frantic cramming before a test?  Perhaps you’ve sworn it off as everything seems to make it only as far as your short term memory?  Many of us steer clear of memorization for exactly the aforementioned reasons.

On the other hand, as a follower of Jesus I’ve often seen memorizing scripture become some sort of spiritual merit badge for the Christian elite.  As in, “Wow, did he just quote Habakkuk from memory?  He must be really spiritual.”  Obviously something is out of whack right?  (And let’s make sure we’re overly clear on what it is: If we’re really depending on Jesus for our righteousness, then nothing we do adds to that.)

Memorizing and meditating on scripture is obviously a good thing.  That’s clear.  So how do we walk the line between these two common extremes scripture memorization?  Is there a way to joyfully soak ourselves in God’s truth that leads us to treasure his Word while building up a store of his truth that we will be able to draw upon in the future?

Does anyone have a plan or method they use to memorize scripture in a way that helps them do this?


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