Memorizing Scripture Effortlessly (Almost) Part II

February 28, 2011

No purchase necessary!

I’ve been looking forward to sharing a scripture memory system I heard about in college (from this man) that I think helps ward off some of the pitfalls we talked about yesterday.  Personally I know this system has helped me memorize joyfully, it also allows me to maintain what I’ve spent time memorizing just by spending a consistent 10-15 minutes a day reading! (I swear this is not supposed to sound like an informercial…)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3×5 Cards with verses you’d like to memorize written out on them
  • A box or container to hold your 3×5 cards (like this)
  • 38 dividers to separate your 3×5’s into categories (something like this).

Not to get you started:

  • First, decide how much time you’re going to spend memorizing scripture every day. Don’t go crazy in the beginning.  Start with five or ten minutes minutes.
  • Next write out the text of the verses you want to memorize on your 3×5’s, listing the reference on both sides.
  • Label your 38 dividers. Label 28 of the cards with numbers 1-28, 7 cards with one day of the week (Monday-Sunday), 1 card “Odd”, 1 card “Even” and 1 card “Daily”
  • Now, simply read each card for that day thoughtfully three times. Every day you go over your verses all you are responsible to do is to read the verses for that day three times.

As you get in to a rhythm of reading your daily verses you’ll find those you faithfully read everyday will start to stick.  No cramming, no pressure, just consistency.  Read the verses three times a day and you will memorize them with very little effort.  As you grow to being able to recite verses accurately and confidently without looking at the card, advance the verse along the categories you wrote out on your 38 dividers.  If you’ve got a verse down in your daily category, move it up to “Odd” or “Even” and so forth until the verse is filed under one of your 28 numbered cards.

As the verses you’re memorizing move into the progressive categories your daily routine will go something like this: Let’s say the date is Sunday the 19th.  That day you are responsible to read/recite the verses filed under “Daily”, “Odd”, “Sunday” and “19”.  This way you’ll be able to add new verses into your daily and transition them out of your short term memory (Odd/Even, Monday-Sunday) in to your long-term memory where they can be maintain through monthly review (#1-28).  In this way you’ll be able to maintain literally hundreds of verses with only 10-15 minutes per day!

Try this out for a couple weeks and just see what you’re able to memorize!


6 Responses to “Memorizing Scripture Effortlessly (Almost) Part II”

  1. Karen Wulf Says:

    Great post, but my not-so-linear mind will have to review the method before it is completely clear to me. Memorizing scripture has so many positive affects, sharpening your memory in general being only one.
    My greatest and most pleasant success in scripture memory has come through listening to scripture set to music, like we did on a week long vacation a couple of years ago. I still remember those verses, and the process was so effortless.
    I was curious to know if you still remember Psalm 139? You memorized it when you were pretty young, like maybe 4 or 5-did it stick? Did/do you ever draw on it in your latter years?

  2. Terra Says:

    I did ma. I like this system Joey. Maybe I can help you get it, mom. It was tricky until the end when Joey gave the date (Sunday the 19th) example. Great idea! See you Saturday JoeJoe. Love you.

  3. joewulf Says:

    @mom I’m afraid I don’t remember Psalm 139…maybe if I had some starting help? 🙂
    @Terra You’ll have to explain it to mom if you guys talk before Sunday. This system has been awesome for me this last month! I’ll show you guys the wood box Kate got me (awesome!) for it. 🙂 See you Saturday!

  4. mom Says:

    I think I’d like to see this system in action too Joey. We can all learn together on Saturday. I’ve sent your blog site to my Bible study ladies as Judith has asked us to memorize some key verses and I thought they might like to read what you had to say about memorizing. Looking forward to the big party

    • joewulf Says:

      That’s great! I’m looking forward to showing you guys. It is such a great system for memorization! I’d love to hear if anyone from you Bible study decides to use it. 🙂

  5. […] Not to beat a dead horse, but I’d like to add one last post to help clarify the scripture memory system I blogged about earlier. […]

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