Memorization (Again…)

March 10, 2011

Not to beat a dead horse, but I’d like to add one last post to help clarify the scripture memory system I blogged about earlier.

Here again is how the system works.  As I find verses I want to memorize I write them down on 3×5 cards.  Then I spend 15 minutes everyday reading and reviewing verses.  So, for example, today is Tuesday the 8th.  During today’s 15 minutes I will read the verses I have filed under Daily, Even, Tuesday and 8 three times each.  As verses begin to “stick” I advance them from Daily to Even or Odd, to one of the weekdays, to one of the monthly review numbers.

In this way I am able to learn new verses (those filed under Daily), transition verses out of my short-term memory (filed under Odd or Even) in to my long-term (filed under the weekly tabs, Mon-Sun), finally maintaining them through monthly review (filed under the 1-28 categories).

As you try this system on, you might also like to begin a “To Be Added” tab to help keep your inflow of new verses fresh.  In the end, the key is that you maintain a system that allows you to review memorized verses as much or as little as is needed to keep them fresh in your memory.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments.  I’d also love your help ibuilding a good library of verses to memorize in the comments of my earlier post “What Scripture Would You Like to Memorize?


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