What Does GC Look Like?

March 31, 2011

@STimmis weighs in on the matter in a series of tweets:

What is a Gospel Community [/missional community]?  A group of Christians doing life-on-life-on-mission.

What does a Gospel Community look like?  You’re in and out of each other’s lives throughout the week.

You arrange to do your weekly shop at the same place, at the same time.

You pop into each other’s homes at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A number of you join a local book/film/knitting/car repair/sport/volunteer club together.

When you stop off at a pub with some of your work mates, you call ahead and a couple of fold from the GC join you.

You’re not afraid for others to know what you own or earn and there is freedom in mutually resourcing one another.

When you fall out with each other it does not take you by surprise and it doesn’t jeopardize your relationship.

People use their gifts to serve others: electricians put in new sockets; cooks bake cakes.

We walk the dogs, feed the cats, water the plants, look after the kids and wash the dishes.

We are each others sons & daughters, brothers & sisters and the kind of neighbours everyone wants as neighbours.

You slowly but surely learn to pray, play, laugh, cry, sit, study, work and engage with friends together.

You are learning to do life-on-life-on-mission to the glory of God, for the fame of Jesus by the power of the Spirit

Awesome Steve!

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