New Teaching and Update-y Goodness

June 21, 2011

A couple of things to bring you in to the loop on today:

Believe it or not, our car is (rumored) to be nearing its final fix!  No, we haven’t pushed it off a bridge (I’ve managed to hold Kate back).  If all goes according to plan I will be driving down to Vancouver to trade out the faithful loner car we’ve been driving (named “Wilma”) for our car later this week.  It has been a long five weeks of splitting time and resources, but we’re happy to be nearing the end.

Looking back the last five weeks of commuting have been a great opportunity to learn and grow.  Not only have I learned exponentially more than I knew before our car blew up, but we’ve been goaded to believe the gospel constantly across this whole ordeal.  Is God the provider?  Does he always do what is good, right and perfect? Is he great enough to be in control?  Yes, yes and yes–but the reality of these truths has almost be palpable in recent days, which has been a great comfort. At the same time, we’re hoping that a return to normal will afford us still greater opportunities to plug in to life here in Oly.

Secondly the audio from my message this past Sunday on I Timothy 3:9 is up (see here) for anyone who would like to give it a listen.  I had a great time preparing and teaching through the final week of our series on Elder/Deacon requirements, which gives us a glimpse at what exemplary life in Christ is supposed to look like.


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