What is Missional Church?

June 23, 2011

Someone passed on a simple video explaining the missional church recently and I thought you might like it as well. A couple thoughts after the jump…

While I think this video lays an okay foundation for missional church I have two beefs with it off the top of my head:

  • There is very little meat on these bones, very little theology populating any part of the conversation.  The video remains neutral in regard to just about everything, with neither end of the spectrum really being developed or critiqued biblically (I know, I know: simple right?)
  • Mission that is engaged alone is little more than evangelism reincarnated.  A more robust description might run something like, “The community of believers Bob is a part of begins living in a way that is saturated with Jesus as they participate in the community/culture that is around.   Together they display the power of Jesus’ love and message to reconcile and heal broken people back to the Father.” As it is Bob still ends up being the one-man display of God’s truine nature–an understandably difficult task.

Those are some of my thoughts.  What are your beefs?  What do you agree with?  What do you have questions about?


One Response to “What is Missional Church?”

  1. karen wulf Says:

    Thanks for posting-
    this blog is like a narration of our lives over the past 30 years. Living life within the walls of the church is like keeping our Light hidden under a bushel, whether we mean for it to be that way or not.

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